My Tia

Today my Tia cat passed away.

For those who did not know about her, she was the best cat I have ever known and the closest thing to a familiar as I have ever seen.
I have had her ever since her feral mother literally brought her to me when she was a tiny, sick little baby. Her mother waited until I came out and picked Tia up, I told the momma cat I would take care of her and the momma went back into the wild leaving me a little handful of fuzzy.

Tia loved everybody, she was my "curious kitty", when she was little I carried her around with me in a fanny-pack (which led her to always try to get into my backpack or suitcase if I was going anywhere for a length of time). She used to ride along on my shoulder when I was driving. She had the magical ability to fit inside any size box no matter how big she looked with her puffed-out fur.

She was my first cat with a capital MINE!

She went with her eyes open, Curious Kitty to the end.

She isn't in anymore pain, me, I think... no I know that I wish I had my Tia to  help me get through the iceberg I have just hit.

But I don't anymore...

So I am going to go hold her a little longer, try and make her look comfortable and then go and help my very caring son learn to cope with the loss of a beloved pet.

Wish me luck